Currently I am an Associate Professor of Communication and Department Media, at Saint Joseph’s University. My work centers on understanding the complex cultural transformations brought about by the change from an analog communication structure to one whose substructure is a digital network. Particularly I am interested in how the media architecture can alter social relations. Currently I focus on two aspects of this transformation, the first is the internet’s relation to democracy, citizenship, and governance, the second, more narrowly I am interested in questions of privacy and surveillance, and the ways in which governments, corporations, and communities are changing the balance between privacy and publicity. I am a dedicated open access scholar, as I believe that knowledge access is a crucial step towards social justice. You can check out some of my research or some of more more informal writings.

I also am interested in the roll of the digital image in democracy and civics. You can check out my photography as well.

Digital Media and Communication is a new degree program at Saint Joseph’s University . Rather than being a traditional media studies program our department is focused entirely on digital media, educating students to be both critics and creators in the digital landscape.

If you want to email me I can be reached at dave [at] outsidethetext [dot] com.

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