Week Eight

┬áNote: Keep in mind you should have the DataDetox done by Thursday do only one step a day after the first three we did in class. If you weren’t in class you can print out the one above. If you were in class use the one I handed out. Take notes on what you did in the margins, things you struggled with, things you learned, etc. You can hand the completed ones out to be in class.

Tuesday, March 7th

  • Watch: CitizenFour film by Laura Poitras available on multiple platforms
  • Define: (No terms)
  • Questions: CitizenFour makes the argument that government surveillance in the United States has crossed a line, and is now harming both individual rights, and our social fabric. Do you agree with this analysis? If so what makes you agree? If not what makes you disagree? And most importantly what steps should be taken, that is if you think we need to scale back surveillance where should the line be re-drawn? or if you think the government should do more what more should it do?

Thursday, March 9th