Week Eleven

Reminder by Tuesday send me your request for what roll you wanted in the mock congressional hearing. If you weren’t in class you probably want to find a friend and get their list of choices lest you get stuck with something you do not want.

Tuesday, April 4th

  • The Private Eye Read all of the issues, 1-10. Read: Note it is two separate volumes. Volume 1 is issues 1-5. Volume 2 is issues 6-10. This is a pay what you want graphic novel. Be nice to the artist.
  • Notes: Answer the following:
    • Like most works of fiction we are meant to closely identify with the protagonist, the Private Eye, yet he is clearly more complicated than a simple hero figure. What do you make of the Private Eye, in what ways do you sympathize with him, in what ways do you not. Do you end up hoping he suceeds in the end, or do you hope that he fails?
    • The novel is filled with many clever future projections, the press and the police being one, the wearing of masks, etc. Of these strange predictions which do you find the most interesting and thought provoking? what makes them stand out?

Thursday, April 6th

  • In class work on Mock Congressional Hearing Final

Week Ten

Tuesday, March 28th

  • Read: Data & Goliath Bruce Schneier Chapters 15 & 16
  • Notes: No reading notes. But, your privacy experiment proposals are due at the beginning of class.

Thursday, March 30th

  • Policy Final Assignment
  • In Class Research.
  • (No Reading or Notes)

Week Nine

Major Assignment: Reminder that your Privacy Philosophy is due on March 21st, print it out, bring it to class. You can find the assignment here.

  • Tuesday, March 21st
    • Blown to Bits Chapter 5. “Secret Bits: How Codes Became Unbreakable”
    • “Chatting in Secret While We’re All Being Watched”
    • If you still are struggling to understand this, this video might help.
    • Bring your laptops and phones to class.
    • Notes: No reading notes for these readings or films. You do need to make sure you have the following in your notes from Thursday’s class:
      – Threat Model: What information you care about keeping secure, and from whom?
      – How have your password techniques changes from what we talked about and worked on in class? What was easy? what was difficult?


  • Thursday, March 23rd
    • Room for Debate: Apple vs. The Law
    • “Apple CEO Tim Cook: Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right” Listen to the Interview
    • “This War on Math is Bullshit”
    • Questions for Notes:
    • 1. Whose argument do you find more convincing, Apple of the FBI? How do we go about balancing security of our devices, with law enforcements need to access information about criminal activities?
      2. The NSA has said they don’t believe Apple should be compelled to build the backdoor, and many have suggested that Apple could get the information from the phone without Apple and/or the information isn’t valuable? What’s going on here? Why would the NSA disagree with the FBI? and why would the FBI pursue this case if they don’t need the information? (Hint: You might have to do a bit of research to find out the answers to these questions, you can always start by DuckDuckGoing it, or Googling it if you must.)

Week Eight

 Note: Keep in mind you should have the DataDetox done by Thursday do only one step a day after the first three we did in class. If you weren’t in class you can print out the one above. If you were in class use the one I handed out. Take notes on what you did in the margins, things you struggled with, things you learned, etc. You can hand the completed ones out to be in class.

Tuesday, March 7th

  • Watch: CitizenFour film by Laura Poitras available on multiple platforms
  • Define: (No terms)
  • Questions: CitizenFour makes the argument that government surveillance in the United States has crossed a line, and is now harming both individual rights, and our social fabric. Do you agree with this analysis? If so what makes you agree? If not what makes you disagree? And most importantly what steps should be taken, that is if you think we need to scale back surveillance where should the line be re-drawn? or if you think the government should do more what more should it do?

Thursday, March 9th