Week Seven: Corporate Tracking

Assignment for Tuesday: Stalk yourself. Sign out of all your social media accounts so you can only see the public part of them. Then go to google and see by spending 45 minutes how much information you can find about yourself. Think of yourself as a “stalker” finding out everything you can. Then write this up, what did you learn, what tools helped you to learn this (beyond just Google).

Tuesday, February, 28th

* Watch: Do-not-Track the Documentary. To watch you should register for the site and get an email (you do not have to, but it works better if you do). Also if you have Ghostery or uBlock etc you should turn them off for this.

* Watch Episodes 1-5 and drill down (read some of the extra material) on one episode of your choice (3,4, or 5).

* Keyterms: Cookies, Profiling, UD-ID (related to smartphone), Big Data

* Question One: This documentary invesitgates a wide swath of privacy and tracking concerns. Of all the things highlighted in these episdoes which one thing concerns you most? what makes you pick that one?

* Question Two: From the episode you investigated further (3,4, or 5) what made you pick that section, and of the things you learned by investigating that one, what important things did you learn, that your classmates should also be aware of, that were not in the main episode?

Thursday, March 2nd

* Read: Pro Publica Breaking the Box

* This is really a series of four articles with activities and experiments. Read the articles and do the activities for each section write up a summary of what you learned after doing the activity.



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