Week Four: Watching and Hiding

Digital Projects

Two Factor: Write in your notes two paragraphs about how your two factor authentication went? Which services did you set this up on? Did you encounter any difficulty? Is it something that you would use in the future? why? why not? Do you think others should use it?

Cameras Everywhere: There are cameras everywhere. Indeed they are so ubiquitous it is hard to to sometimes notice them, as they just seem so common. Your task for the next week is to document as many cameras as you can find. Try to notice them in a variety of places. Look on campus, look in stores, in public places. Notice the signs that often notify you that you are being filmed. Write these down, then make a list of them in your notes. Pick a day to try and be especially vigilant, record your whole day and see how little of the day you are not on camera. Do this from Feburary 2nd – 7th.

Tuesday, February 7th

  • Read:
    • “Discipline and Punish” Foucault
    • Similar to the Warren and Brandies this can be a challenging read. Plan accordingly. You want to print it out and bring it to class. Do not worry about understanding it 100%, instead focus on trying to get the overall argument. (Hint: The internet when used well is a great resource for understanding difficult things like this.)
    • Keywords: “the lock-up”, the leper, “panopticon” (as in the prison), police power
    • Questions: No questions, instead try to summarize in three paragraphs what you undersand this peice to be about as well as what you didn’t understand or what you are confused by/want more explination of.


Thursday, February 9th

  • Read: “I’ve Got Nothing to Hide” by Daniel Solove
  • Define: “Nothing to Hide” “Pluralistic Conception” “Smith v Maryland” “Secondary Use”
  • Question One: Solove has a lot of reasons that one might value privacy, as opposed to the simple one that you have something to hide. Which of these multiple reasons do you find most persuasive and why? which less so?
  • Question Two: How should we balance security with privacy?