COM 473

Information. Materiality. 3Dprinting.

Communicating Culture

Follow Up to Printing

  • As a reminder after each print day you should write to your portfolio (the one you shared on Google with me) about printing. You can write what you did during printing time, what you learned, add pictures of things you printed, what you failed at …etc. Basically think of these as your process notes for the semester, doing them after each class is a good idea.

Tuesday, February 10th

  • We will meet during the regular class time in MH 150.
  • Read: Communication as Culture James Carey. Introduction. Chapters 1 & 2
  • Keywords: Communication, Transmission Model, Ritual Model, Symbolic Process.

Thursday, February 12th

  • Printing day. Bring your laptops. You can sign up here for whether you would like to come at 11:00-12:15 or 12:30-1:45.
  • Meet in 150
  • Before class you should download and install Slic3r
  • Look over the the manual so you are familiar with the idea of Slic3r. Particularly look at all the settings you can change.
  • Then create an account at Thingiverse and look for something to download and print. Find something small, in particular you are interested in finding something that isn’t that tall.

Benjamin and First Print

Okay so the new building is delaying opening a week, which makes “printing” a little more difficult. So, we are going to move up one of the reading days and delay “printing” one more day. Don’t worry you will still have the same number of print days, we are just swapping one for the other.

Tuesday, February 3rd

Thursday, February 5th

We will get started printing. But to make our jobs easier we will roughly divide into two different groups. Half of you can start during free period, the other half during the normal class time.

Those Victorian’s and Their Interent

Tuesday, January 27th

  • Read The Victorian Internet Chapters 1-7
  • Keywords: Shutter Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph, Trans-atlantic cable, William Cooke
  • See below for quidelines on Reading Notes.

Thursday, January 29

  • Read: The Victorian Internet 8-12, Epilogue, Afterward
  • Keywords: Crimean War, Telegraph and Commerce, Automatic Telegraphy, ASCI.

About Reading Notes

  • After reading complete reading notes on the reading note document you shared with me.
  • For each set of reading notes you need. 1. A Summary. 2. Quotation 3. Definition of Key Terms. 4. Three Questions that you developed after completing the reading. Make sure you format them correctly. With Bolded sections, the title of the days reading, and by placing the most recent readings at the top. Your name should be at the very top though and stay there.
  • Sample Notes
  • Extra Sample Summaries
  • Sample Format

Class Begins

Classes begin on January 15th (although the first day for this class isn’t until the 20th). In the meantime you can check the links above for information on this class.