COM 473

Information. Materiality. 3Dprinting.

Week of February 23rd


  • Take this survey seriously, do it now. It will only take two minutes and it helps us know what classes you need us to teach next semester. If you fill this out it helps us not have to cancel classes, or not offer enough. In short fill out this survey = you have a better chance of getting the courses you want.

Assignments for Printing

  • The week of the 23rd, we will not meet for a discussion/seminar class, instead, you will have two days of printing. You can sign up here for printing the week of the 23rd.(Sign up for two slots).
  • On those two days come with .stl models you want to print. Either make one from scratch, or edit an existing one.

But Important …

  • The week before Spring Break you will need to submit to me your research topic proposal. You want to come up with the topic in relation to 3d Printing that you are most interested in writing about. Topic ideas include:
    • 3D Printing in relation to a particular industry (clothing, cars, houses)
    • 3D Printing and intellectual property
    • 3D Printing and the law
    • 3D Printing and the field of medicine
    • 3D Printing technology advancement
    • 3D Printing and NASA/Outerspace
    • Types of 3D Printers, and types of Materials
    • Art and 3D Printing
  • Mostly you want to think about something else you are interested in and see if it relates to 3D Printing. Topic proposals are just one-two paragraphs sketching the range of what you want to do. Choose carefully though as you want something you are interested in. These will be due on March 3rd.
  • Update: If you are having trouble coming up with something to write about a good idea is to look at 3dPrinting News or 3D Printing Industry and look for a story that interests you.
  • You can download the Paper Assignment in full here.