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Carey on Communication Part Two

Tuesday February 17th

  • Read: Communication as Culture James Carey. Chapters 5-7
  • Keywords: Electronic Utopians, Harold Innis, Hegemony of New York, Ideology of the Future

Thursday February 19th

  • Printing. I will cover in class on Tuesday how to edit/change a model (.stl) so on Thursday you will be able to print something of your own design. Sign up for Printing here. Notice there are extra slots now on Friday.

Bonus Points

  • For the brave and the bold, there is another program you can try using when we print later in the week. This program is called Cura. It is actually easier to use than the ones we have been, and lets you use one program instead of two (its like Slic3r and Repetier Host all in one). You can download it here, and look at the instructions for it here.


  • Download this keychain/luggage tag.
  • Load it into TinkerCad.
  • Change the design in some way. You can add your name to it, add another design, add some other words, you can change the size to make it smaller, whatever you want.
  • Download what you modified.
  • Bring your design to class, we will print some.
  • If you would really like to be creative you can upload another .stl file or .svg file to create something. This instructable gives you a senes of how to do it. Once you complete step one though you can just upload the .svg file to Tinkercad.