Schedule of Classes

Week One: Class Introduction

  • Tuesday, August 29th
    • Class Introduction
  • Thursday, August 31st
    • The Victorian Internet Tom Standage (Preface, Chp 1-4, up to page 56)

Week Two: When Old Media was New

  • Tuesday, September 5th
    • The Victorian Internet Tom Standage (Chp 4-8, pages 56-144)
  • Thursday, September 7th
    • The Victorian Internet Tom Standage (Chp 9-Afterward, 144-217)

Week Three: How the Internet Works

Week Four: Socializing Online

Week Five: Socializing Online (A More Complicated Take)

Week Six: You are A Guinea Pig

  • Tuesday, October 3rd
    • Social Network Experiments
  • Thursday, October 5th

Week Seven: Midterm

  • Tuesday, October 10th
    • Fall Break. No Class
  • Thursday, October 12th
    • Midterm Exam

Week Eight: Who Makes this Stuff?

Week Nine: This is a Disaster

Week Ten: Preserving Privacy

  • Tuesday, October 31
  • Thursday, November 2
    • Privacy Tools

Week Eleven: Trolls and Other Problems

Week Twelve: The Mob and Free Speech

Week Thirteen: Amusing News

  • Tuesday, November 21st
    • Black Mirror. “Fifteen Million Merits” (Season 1. Episode 2)
  • Tuesday, November 23rd
    • No Class: Thanksgiving

Week Fourteen: Getting Better at the News

Week Fifteen: And in the End

  • Tuesday, December 5th
    • Review Day
  • Thursday, December 7th
    • Practice Exam