Week Fifteen: Review

Tuesday, December 5th
  • Review Day
  • Bring to class a list of the five most important things you learned over the course of the semester, along with two examples for each.


Thursday, December 7th

Final: December 15th. 1:00

Week Fourteen: The News Lies

Tuesday, November 28th

Thursday, November 30th

  • Read: Ethan Zuckerman, “Stop Saying Fake News”
  • Read: Knight Foundation Report on How Youth Consume News
  • Notes:
    • One: Zukcerman doesn’t like the term “Fake News”. First summarize his argument about this and than help illustrate it thru two examples he doesn’t use, at least one should be one closely connected to you (i.e. one where you heard someone you know using the term Fake News).
    • Two: How accurate is the Youth Report by the Knight Foundation for you? That is in their findings what are the biggest overlaps with your experience? biggest difference from your experience?

Week Thirteen: This isn’t so Amusing.

Tuesday, November 21st

  • Black Mirror. “Fifteen Million Merits” (Season 1. Episode 2)
  • Questions:
  • 1. As with the prior Black Mirror episode, this one imagines a future that is on the one hand not so removed form our own, and on the other pretty unimaginable. What aspects of this future do you feel the creators of the show were making most similar to our own in order to critique our culture? What aspects of the episode do you think were the most unrealistic.
  • 2. Think back to the Postman from last week, re: amusing ourselves to death, particularly about how mediums shape epistemology, what would Postman have to say about the message of the Black Mirror episode.
  • Note: Reading notes are not due until Monday at 11:59PM this week since I was so late posting this.

Tuesday, November 23rd

  • No Class: Thanksgiving

Amusing Mobs

TUESDAY, November 14TH

THURSDAY, November 16TH

  • Read: Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death
  • Keywords: Epistemology, “television as a medium,” “Now This” “being informed”
  • Question: Postman seems to not be a very big fan of TV here. In two paragraphs summarize his argument. Do this in a way if Postman were here to read it he would agree with you. That is your goal is to capture the argument not agree or disagree, just present and distill its essential points. Then in a third paragraph tell me if you agree or disagree with Postman’s analysis, why? why not?

Week Eleven: Trolls and Other Problems

Tuesday, November 7th

  • Privacy Tools-Write up a report of how your web browsing experience has changed since using what we did in class. Share that in your notes.

Thursday, November 9th