Week Nine: This is a Disaster

Tuesday, October 24th

  • “The Internet with a Human Face” Maciej Cegłowski
  • “The Internet’s Original Sin” Ethan Zuckerman
  • Define: Car Culture, Center of the Web, The Cloud, Pop-Up Add
    Answer: Both of these authors paint a pretty dark future, one that suggests the web is a pretty dangerous place, or at least as constructed ought to make us worried. Primarily these two do not like targeted ads. Why is this? And, do you agree with them, why? why not?

Thursday, October 26th

  • Terms and Conditions May Apply
  • Instagram Terms and Conditions(in plain English)
  • Define: Cookies, Big Data, Data Mining, Predictive Algorthims
    Answer: This documentary suggests there are lots more pieces than just ad tracking (Tuesday’s reading) that ought to concern you? What three things from these five episodes concerned/worried/creeped you ought the most? Was there anything you didn’t know about what most surprised you? Was there anything that you thought was no big deal?