Week Eight: Who Makes This Stuff

Tuesday, October 17th

  • Carr Benkler Wager
  • Nicholas, CarrĀ Pay Up, Yochai Benkler
  • Yochai BenklerĀ Carr-Benkler Wager Revisted
  • Keywords: Carr Benkler Wager, Peer Production, Price Incentivized, Professional Production
  • Questions: Which side of this argument do you find more persuasive? If you had to declare a winner today which would it be? Do you think ten years from now this will be the same?
  • Thursday, October 19th

    • Rip a Remix Manifesto
    • Keywords: Copyright, Remix Manifesto, Piracy, Clinton Era Trade Agreements
    • Questions: 1. Should what Girl Talk does be illegal? that is irrespective of the current law would you want to make it legal or illegal? 2. How long should a copyright be for? explain your reasoning.
    • Reminder: Your Norm Breaching Experience is due at the beginning of class. You should print out your write up and bring it to class.