Week Ten: Little of This, Little of That

Tuesday, March 27th
Thursday, March 29th
  • Read: The Long Tail Chris Anderson
  • Read:  Quoting: “From They Say, I Say”
  • Notes: Write a two paragraph summary of what the Long Tail is. Write this in a neutral way, that is don’t critique or praise the concept. You should aim to write a paragraph that if Chris Anderson read it he would say “yes that’s what I meant.” Refer to the summary reading from earlier in the semester for this.
  • Question: Anderson wrote this in 2006, ten years later would you say that he is correct about his analysis? what examples would you use to support your viewpoint?
  • Question: Anderson seems to think the “long tail” is a positive cultural development. Do you agree with him? is there a downside to this “long tail”?