Week Fourteen: Portfolio Time

This week on both days we will be working on your portfolio website.

Tuesday, April 24
  • Portfolio Workshop. Come to class with the following.
    • Three Pages Created. (Home Page. Portfolio Page. About Page.) You do not need any content on these pages, you just need them to exist.
    • Add any additional pages beyond those three.
    • Create a Menu and have it displayed.
    • Set your site so that when you type in your url it lands on your Home Page.
    • Decide which three content pieces you will want to feature on your portfolio page (refer to the assignment sheet for guidance on this).
  • Pro tips:
    • If you are struggling to figure out how to set up your site watch the video linked to April 17th.
    • If that video doesn’t help, try using Google to search for what you want. Adding “WordPress” plus whatever it is you want to do should list a host of tutorials. For example say you want to change header image. “Change Header Image WordPress” will get you what you want.
    • Part of the assignment here is that you will need to experiment, and figure out what you want, and how to get it done. Be bold look at other websites that you think look good, imitate those. Try things out, if they don’t work you can always “undo” them.

Some resources in class:

Thursday, April 26
  • Portfolio Workshop
  • Complete Draft content by the end of class.
  • Make sure to consult the checklist on the assignment sheet.