The Internet is Full of Lies

Tuesday, April 17
  • Posting Planning/Workshopping. You should come to class having done research and with a plan for how you are going to write your final story, including meeting the 4 types of content requirement.
  • Portfolio: You should have the following done:
    • Domain purchased and WordPress set up.
    • Email me with the url to your website.
    • Have installed an extra theme (not one of the default ones)
    • Changed your settings. (Permalinks and Timezone)
  • Note: Link in menu to assignment if you need it. Also if you are having trouble with purchasing your domain see this video. And if you want a WordPress tutorial try this link. This one is pretty thorough and you probably want to start at about 20 minutes in as the first 20 minutes you already did. You can also just Google for other videos.
Thursday, APRIL 19