Week Six: All of Us

Tuesday, February 20th

  • Posting Planning/Workshopping.
  • Writing for the Web: Yahoo Style Guide, Chps 1 & 4

Thursday, February 22nd

  • “Here Comes Everybody” -Clay Shirky
  • Keyterms: None
  • Questions: 1. Shirky seems to argue that this “everybody” is a good thing, that this new media landscape of everyone being connected is good? Why does he think this? Are there problems with this landscape?
  • 2. What is a more contemporary example of the “missing phone”? Find an example from the last year where people came together online to accomplish something that wouldn’t have been possible without the internet…how does this example differ from the “missing phone”?

Week Five: Being Connected

Tuesday, February 13th

  • Post/Planning Workshop. Come to class with 3 solid story ideas.
  • Audience Focused Writing: Yahoo Style Guide Chapters 2, 3, & 5
  • You will have a lot more time in class to work on your post for the week. If you want to have more time learning to take photos check out a camera prior to coming to class from the gear room.

Thursday, February 15th: Paying Attention

Week Four

Tuesday, February 6

You will also want to enroll in the gear check out system, so that you can checkout equipment over the course of the semester. To do so  send an email with the following information to sjugear@gmail.com with the header “Account Information” before you go to rent equipment:

Name: (First and Last)

SJU Email: (Example: ab123456@sju.edu)

Student ID Number: (Example: 10XXXXXX)

Majors and Minors: (Example: Communications major, English minor)

Phone Number: (Cell or Home, whichever is more convenient for contact)

Thursday, February 8: Paying Attention

Note: Class is Cancelled for Feb 8th as the University is closed. We will do the readings below next week on February 15th.

Your weekly posts are still due on Sunday by 11:00am.

Week Three: The Medium Matters

Tuesday, January 30th

  • This week you will begin writing for Hawk Chill.
  • In addition to the 3 ideas you brought last week, produce 3 more solid ideas for stories and bring them to class on Monday. You should make sure these fit the topic your group is assigned for the week.

Thursday, February 1st

  • “The Medium is the Message” -Marshall McLuhan
  • For the McLuhan you should print it out, mark it up, and bring it with you to class. This is a difficult text and you should plan on reading it slowly and making notes.
  • Reading Notes due Wed by noon.
  • Keyterms: lightbulb, “technological idiot,”content, scale & pace
  • Questions: Write a one paragraph summary of what you take McLuhan to be saying here. Than write a one paragraph summary of what you were confused by/found difficult to understand.

Extra: If you need it this is a good tutorial on posting in WordPress.

Week Two: What is Communication

Tuesday, January 23
Thursday, January 25: What Communication is Really About
  • “Communication as Culture” James Carey (You should PRINT THIS AND BRING IT TO CLASS. Usually online is fine, but for this one you will want to print it out, read the print version, and bring it to class with you.)
  • This week you will begin your reading notes.  Here is a guide and sample for Reading Notes.  (The notes say “COM 473” ignore that part, as they are from a previous class that was “473” but the rest is accurate.) Please make sure you follow this format. Reading notes are due Wednesday at 12:00 the day before class. Also note that for this class you typically only have notes due once a week.
  • Reminder reading notes are due Wednesday at noon.
  • Keywords: “Communication as Transmission,” “Ritual view of Communication,” Map, & “The Thinker.”
  • Question:
    • 1. Carey is arguing that we tend to think of communication wrong, what does he mean by this, and do you agree with him?
    • 2. What made you become a Communication major? When you tell your friends at other schools that you are a Communication major what do they think you study? (If you don’t know you might need to ask them.)

Week One (Thursday)

Thursday, January 18th

Read the following:

Make sure you get the book from either the bookstore or order it online.

Set up a google doc for class notes and share with me. Make the name of your document: Your Name + COM 200

In class we will use this article on the moon landing and this one on the internal combustion engine. But you don’t need to read it before class.

Welcome to COM 200

This is the course website. Here is where you get all the assignments, details, and resources for the course. At the top there are links to the syllabus, schedule of classes, and ongoing assignments.