Hawk cHill Assignment

Hawk cHill

The major project in this course involves producing and publishing content for Hawk cHill, an online publication maintained by all sections of COM 200. This project is not only collaborative across five sections of the course, but also within our class. Each week, you will work in teams to produce a story for a given section of the site (which is available in our schedule below). On Tuesdays, you will bring story ideas for critique/development. Throughout the week, your team (comprised of a writer, editor, social media manager, and supporting content producer, roles that will revolve each week) will work on the approved story. You will publish your stories by Sunday at 11:00am Eastern time. Deadlines are non-negotiable; late posts will result in an automatic grade reduction of one point or more. You will post ten times throughout the semester, and each post is worth 4 points. Every member of the group will receive the same grade.

Team Roles:

  • Writer: Plan with editor and write textual elements of post, interview/field report, work with team members to generate supporting content and social media, deliver initial and final drafts to editor on time.
  • Editor: Generate the “big idea” and direction of the post, coordinate team members to create a cohesive post, proofread and make suggestions for edits to all content, fact-check content, publish story accurately and on time.
  • Supporting Content Producer: Work with Editor and Writer to produce original, supporting content (audio, video, photographs, etc.) that supports and significantly adds to post, accompany writer to interviews/field reports to capture content, deliver and edit content for editor on time.
  • Project Manager: Responsible for the overall post. Making sure there is a production plan from research, to content, to editing, to publication. Work with team to produce social media content that both promotes and adds value to post, and coordinates effort to publicize the post.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Topic: timely, audience-centered, and well-researched
  • Writing: clear, error-free, stylistically consistent
  • Supporting Content: well-produced, supports story meaningfully
  • Social Media: both promotes and adds something meaningful to story

All content must be original work, including supporting media

  • 0 points: Work is incomplete.
  • 1 point: Some criteria met.
  • 2 points: All criteria met minimally.
  • 3 points: All criteria met, two or more criteria exceeded.
  • 4 points: All criteria exceeded.


There are 5 Topics (Taste, School, People, Self, Study Break). Each week your group will take up one topic and every group in class will be responsible for producing one post for that week, related to that  groups topic. Each week you will also rotate rolls, so that each member of the group practices all of the rolls.