The Final Stuff


Final Exam

  • The final exam will be posted here (this website) on Friday, May 4th at  8:00am. You will have until Sunday, May 6th at 11:59pm to complete it.

Office Hours

  • I will be on campus on Thursday, and Friday if you would like to meet. You can stop by, or you might want to email just to make sure I don’t have another meeting at that time.

Week Fourteen: Portfolio Time

This week on both days we will be working on your portfolio website.

Tuesday, April 24
  • Portfolio Workshop. Come to class with the following.
    • Three Pages Created. (Home Page. Portfolio Page. About Page.) You do not need any content on these pages, you just need them to exist.
    • Add any additional pages beyond those three.
    • Create a Menu and have it displayed.
    • Set your site so that when you type in your url it lands on your Home Page.
    • Decide which three content pieces you will want to feature on your portfolio page (refer to the assignment sheet for guidance on this).
  • Pro tips:
    • If you are struggling to figure out how to set up your site watch the video linked to April 17th.
    • If that video doesn’t help, try using Google to search for what you want. Adding “WordPress” plus whatever it is you want to do should list a host of tutorials. For example say you want to change header image. “Change Header Image WordPress” will get you what you want.
    • Part of the assignment here is that you will need to experiment, and figure out what you want, and how to get it done. Be bold look at other websites that you think look good, imitate those. Try things out, if they don’t work you can always “undo” them.

Some resources in class:

Thursday, April 26
  • Portfolio Workshop
  • Complete Draft content by the end of class.
  • Make sure to consult the checklist on the assignment sheet.

The Internet is Full of Lies

Tuesday, April 17
  • Posting Planning/Workshopping. You should come to class having done research and with a plan for how you are going to write your final story, including meeting the 4 types of content requirement.
  • Portfolio: You should have the following done:
    • Domain purchased and WordPress set up.
    • Email me with the url to your website.
    • Have installed an extra theme (not one of the default ones)
    • Changed your settings. (Permalinks and Timezone)
  • Note: Link in menu to assignment if you need it. Also if you are having trouble with purchasing your domain see this video. And if you want a WordPress tutorial try this link. This one is pretty thorough and you probably want to start at about 20 minutes in as the first 20 minutes you already did. You can also just Google for other videos.
Thursday, APRIL 19

Week Twelve: The Final Stretch

Tuesday, April 10
  • Post/Planning Workshop
  • Introduction to Portfolio Assignment
    • Come to class with three ideas of domain names you would want. You should check to make sure they are available by using 
    • Important: Bring your credit card to class as you will need it to sign up.
Thursday, April 12
  • Read: A Honeypot for Assholes
  • Read: How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life
  • Keyterms: Leslie Jones, IPO, #HasJustineLandedYet, Abigail Gilpin
  • Questions:
    • If you were advising Twitter what would you suggest they do. Be specific, what would a plan to correct the problems Warzel outlines look like.
    • Ronson suggests that the “justice” merited out to Sacco wasn’t justified do you agree? Do you think that we have entered a new culture of public shaming? Do you have other examples of this? and what should be done about it?

Week Eleven: Snow….

Tuesday, April 3

  • No Class (University is on a Monday Schedule)

Thursday, April 5

  • Post/Planning Workshop
  • Read: Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek
  • Before class make sure you upload your quote assignment from in class (if you were absent ask a classmate for the assignment).
  • Also bring the video footage (B-Roll, Bed Music, Interviews) to class as we will be working on these in class.

Week Ten: Little of This, Little of That

Tuesday, March 27th
Thursday, March 29th
  • Read: The Long Tail Chris Anderson
  • Read:  Quoting: “From They Say, I Say”
  • Notes: Write a two paragraph summary of what the Long Tail is. Write this in a neutral way, that is don’t critique or praise the concept. You should aim to write a paragraph that if Chris Anderson read it he would say “yes that’s what I meant.” Refer to the summary reading from earlier in the semester for this.
  • Question: Anderson wrote this in 2006, ten years later would you say that he is correct about his analysis? what examples would you use to support your viewpoint?
  • Question: Anderson seems to think the “long tail” is a positive cultural development. Do you agree with him? is there a downside to this “long tail”?

Week Nine: Video Remix

Tuesday, March 20
Thursday, March 22
  • “Everything is a Remix”
  • Keyterms: Sampling. Legal Remixing. Star Wars. Social Evolution
  • Questions:
  • This video suggests that remixing is necessary for creative production. If that is true, who really creates/owns media? and how do you decide that?
  • Our current system of laws lets people “own ideas,” what are the advantages of this system? disadvantages? who wins and who looses in this current legal system?

Week Eight: Search Super Powers

You should by Monday complete this course: Unit 1 Power Searching Google. Just do Unit 1.

Every Day Starting Monday you should do the Googleaday Puzzle. It changes every day so you need to do it everyday between now and Thursday.

Tuesday, March 6
Thursday, March 8: You Probably Use Google Wrong

Week Seven: Bubbles!

  • Post/Planning Workshop
  • Editing: Yahoo Style Guide Section 5
    THURSDAY, march 1st