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What I Use Now

Five years ago I wrote, what for some reason, was the first post for my blog that got any sort of attention. Basically it was a run down of the “Top Ten” software tools I use as an educator. At the time I was consistently asked by colleauges what computer “stuff” I used, so I decided ...

Computers in Writing 2012.

I was be three people keynotes at the Computers in Writing Conference this year. I gave a talk about Open Access and Academic Publishing. If you want you can watch a video of the presentation. I also did a short write up of key points in the conclusion you can read on my blog. Links ...

Ubiquitous Surveillance

As part of the Living Books about Life collection sponsored by the JISC and the Open Humanities Press I edited a book collection on the developing surveillance society. This book surveys a range of scientific perspectives on surveillance, highlighting developing trends and issues.

Hacking the Academy

Two pieces I wrote about the future (or possible future) of the academy in the age of the digital network appear in Hacking the Academy, edited by Dan Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt. The University of Michigan is set to publish this book, in the meantime you can visit the site for this edition.

Teaching Mobile Literacy

This is a short piece I wrote for Educause Review on the importance of recognizing “mobile literacy” as one of the media skills we should be striving to teach our students. You can read the article in the issue March/April 2011 magazine, or access it online. (photo from flickr: aforgrave)

Making the University a Police State

This weekend The Chronicle of Higher Education published an opinion piece by Michael Morris arguing that in the name of campus security campuses should start data mining all student internet traffic. Or as the not so subtle, fear mongering, almost fit for Fox News title says, “Mining Student Data Could Save ...

Billie Jean King

This is a preprint, creative commons licensed version a paper that is soon(ish) to be published in a collection called Composing (Media) = Composing (Bodies). It argues that paying attention to network effects and network literacy is crucial to understanding how ideas circulate and knowledge is organized. “How Billie ...