Blogs for Course Management

Last week I had a request to detail how I use blogs as a course management tool, as a way to subvert and improve on the horrible ones most Universities encourage (sometimes force) faculty to use (yes I am talking about WebCT and Blackboard).

So, I am preparing said post, but in the meantime for those who use blogs in the classroom you might want to check out The Edublogs Magazine. Edublogs is usually my recommendation for those who want to use blogs in their class, not only because what they offer is good, but also because they have a large collection of tutorials etc., to help newcomers. You should though skip this post which recommends using a horrible piece of software. If I had my way the inventors of this program would be sentenced to a lifetime of watching “Saved By The Bell” reruns, the only thing I can imagine more mind numbing than the use of their program–laugh it’s a joke, I am only partly serious).