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This site is mainly for those taking one of my classes. Links to information on me (what I am working on, my CV), the classes I am currently teaching and past classes can be found to the right.

This web site is also an exercise in making knowledge an “open source education project.“ That is, I feel that all too often the University closes off the knowledge it produces rather than making it available to the broadest audience possible. To that end, I will make as much class information as possible available here, please feel free to use whatever you find useful (or if you are looking for something that is not here email me dp0711[at]albany.edu). Furthermore, this site should be accessible and viewable across all browsers, screen readers etc. It is written using CSS and XHTML (for reasons why this is important click here). And finally, all of the web applications that power this site are open source as well (Wordpress etc.) this means that for class purposes no proprietary products are needed.

I am also involved in a web site, Academhack, where the above concepts are discussed as well as covering computer tips and tools for those in higher education especially the humanities. So, if you are interested in the practical how-to descriptions, some basic, some advanced, or some of the more theoretical issues about computing in higher education please check it out.

If you are here for the information about blogging in the classroom, it is all at Academhack.

Please feel free to dparry [at] utdallas.edu with thoughts, questions or comments.


The Problem

We are awaiting or hoping for an other book, a book to come that will transfigure or even rescue the book from the shipwreck that is happening at present.-Jacques Derrida