Week Five: Socializing Online

Thursday, September 28th

  • We Live in Public
  • Keywords: “Quiet, We Live in Public,” Pseudo, “We Live in Public,” Apple Orchard.
  • Answer the following questions: 1. What most shocked or surprised you in the film, why? 2. What do you make of Josh?

Week Four: Bad News

Tuesday, September 19th
  • “The Internet Must Go”
  • No Key Words.
  • In two paragraphs (or so) explain what you take “Net Neutrality” to mean.
  • Finally make a list of people/institutions/interest groups/companies etc that would be for and against Net Neutrality
Thursday, September 21st
  • Black Mirror. “Nosedive” (Season 3 Episode 1) (Easiest way to watch this is on Netflix)
  • Zeynep Tufekci, “Social Media’s Small, Positive Role In Human Relationships”
  • Notes: No Key Words
  • In the Black Mirror episode we are provided with a distopian future. What parts of this imagined world relate to our own? Which parts do you find unrealistic?
  • Tufekci supplies an important corrective to the idea that socializing online is “fake”, in your experience as a high schooler/college student is her position accurate?

Week Three: How the Internet Works

Tuesday, September 12th


  • Define: Packet Switch, Circuit Switch, Arpanet, IP address.
  • Standage makes the claim (from last weeks reading) that the telegraph was the “Victorian Internet” these works above make a case that the internet is a fairly radical idea, different from the telegraph. According to the above readings what makes the internet different from the telegraph.
  • Remember that you should also post to your notes two examples of Techno-determinism, and two of cultural determinism.

Thursday, September 14th

  • No Class