Last Week (Well Last Full Week)

Tuesday April 25th

  • Read: Ethan Zuckerman, “Stop Saying Fake News”
  • Read: Knight Foundation Report on How Youth Consumer News
  • Notes:
    • One: Zukcerman doesn’t like the term “Fake News”. First summarize his argument about this and than help illustrate it thru two examples he doesn’t use, at least one should be one closely connected to you (i.e. one where you heard someone you know using the term Fake News).
    • Two: How accurate is the Youth Report by the Knight Foundation for you? That is in their findings what are the biggest overlaps with your experience? biggest difference from your experience?

Thursday April 27th

  • Review day for final exam. Come to class. No Homework.

Week Thirteen: It’s all Fake

Tuesday, April 18th

  • No Class

Thursday, April 20th

Extra Credit Opportunity

Attend the presentation on Fake News.

  • April 20th, 2:00 in Post Learning Commons. Wachterhauser Seminar Room, 2nd Floor.
  • Write up a set of “reading notes” for the presentation. Explain what was presented, and what you learned.

Week Twelve: The Mob and Free Speech

Tuesday, April 11th

Thursday, April 13th

  • Read: Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death
  • Keywords: Epistemology, “television as a medium,” “Now This” “being informed”
  • Question: Postman seems to not be a very big fan of TV here. In two paragraphs summarize his argument. Do this in a way if Postman were here to read it he would agree with you. That is your goal is to capture the argument not agree or disagree, just present and distill its essential points. Then in a third paragraph tell me if you agree or disagree with Postman’s analysis, why? why not?

Week Eleven: Trolls and Other Problems

Tuesday, April 4th

Thursday, April 6th

  • More Privacy Tools. Come to class and bring your laptops. No reading for this day.
  • Notes: By Wednesday at noon (before class). Write two paragraphs explaining how your browsing experience has been different given the tools we used last week. What was different? Any difficulties? Advantages? Drawbacks? Interesting things you noticed?

Week Ten: Preserving Privacy

Tuesday, March 28th

  • WatchCitizen Four
  • Define: Whistleblower, xKeyScore, Mantle of Power, Encryption
  • Answer: After watching this documentary how to do you feel about this government surveillance? What did you learn from this documentary about Snowden and this case that you didn’t previously know? Was there anything in particular that contradicted the media accounts you heard from before? What (if any) should be the limits on government surveillance?

Thursday, March 30th

  • No reading or notes for today. We are going to work on privacy tools in class. Bring your laptop to class.

Week Nine: This is a Disaster

  • Tuesday, March 21st
    • “The Internet with a Human Face” Maciej Cegłowski
    • “The Internet’s Original Sin” Ethan Zuckerman
    • Define: Car Culture, Center of the Web, The Cloud, Pop-Up Add
      Answer: Both of these authors paint a pretty dark future, one that suggests the web is a pretty dangerous place, or at least as constructed ought to make us worried. Primarily these two do not like targeted ads. Why is this? And, do you agree with them, why? why not?
  • Thursday, March 23rd
    • Terms and Conditions May Apply
    • Instagram Terms and Conditions(in plain English)
    • In your notes define: Cookies, Big Data, Data Mining, Predictive Algorthims
      Answer: This documentary suggests there are lots more pieces than just ad tracking (Tuesday’s reading) that ought to concern you? What three things from these five episodes concerned/worried/creeped you ought the most? Was there anything you didn’t know about what most surprised you? Was there anything that you thought was no big deal?

Week Eight

Tuesday, march 7th

  • Watch: Rip a Remix Manifesto
  • Define: Copyright, Remix Manifesto, Piracy, Clinton Era Trade Agreements
  • Questions: 1. Should what *Girl Talk* does be illegal? that is irrespective of the current law would you want to make it legal or illegal? 2. How long should a copyright be for? explain your reasoning.

Thursday, March 9th

  • In Class Midterm

Note: If you were not in class you might want the midterm review.


Week Seven

Tuesday, February 28th

– Listen to “The Trust Engineers” Radiolab Podcast

– Keywords: “The Word ‘It’s'” “Trust Engineers” “Facebook Lab Rats” nudge

– Questions: 1. What makes this type of research different from other social science research that went on before the era of the internet? and before Facebook was involved? 2. What are the advantages/disadvantages of this type of research, should we be concerned about it?

Thursday, March 2nd

– Read: “Carr Benkler Wager” (

– Read: Nicholas, Carr, “Pay Up, Yochai Benkler”(

– Read: Yochai Benkler “Carr-Benkler Wager Revisted”(

– Keywords: Carr Benkler Wager, Peer Production, Price Incentivized, Professional Production

– Questions: Which side of this argument do you find more persuasive? If you had to declare a winner today which would it be? Do you think ten years from now this will be the same?

Important: If you have a laptop bring it to class on this day. You will need it.


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