Week Fourteen: Portfolio

Tuesday 28th
  • For the final two weeks of class you will be building your portfolio website. This involves, purchasing a domain and installing a wordpress site on which you can feature some of your best work done for this class. You will use this website not only for this class, but many of your other COM courses. If you don’t already have a website (from another COM course)  you will need to get one. You do not need to before class, but you will need a way to be able to buy the domain during class, the easiest way is via credit card. It will cost you $30, but will last a whole year.
Thursday 30th
  • In class portfolio work.

Week Twelve: The Long Tail

Topic: People

  • Tuesday, November 14th
    • Posting Planning/Workshopping.
    • Come to class with three post ideas as well as two “sample ideas” per post. By sample idea, look elsewhere around the web for posts that you would use as inspiration and/or models for your post ideas.
  • Thursday, November 16th
    • The Long Tail Chris Anderson
    • Notes: Write a one paragraph summary of what the Long Tail is. Write this in a neutral way, that is don’t critique or praise the concept. You should aim to write a paragraph that if Chris Anderson read it he would say “yes that’s what I meant.”
    • Question: Anderson wrote this in 2006, ten years later would you say that he is correct about his analysis? what examples would you use to support your viewpoint?
    • Question: Anderson seems to think the “long tail” is a positive cultural development. Do you agree with him? is there a downside to this “long tail”?

Week Eleven

Week Eleven: The Internet is Full of Lies

Topic: School

Tuesday, November 7th

  • Posting Planning/Workshopping.
  • You should come to class with 3 story ideas per person in your group. The idea should be a title, a subtitle, and a short paragraph describing it. Type these up, print them out and bring them to class.

Thursday, November 9th

Week Ten: Search for It

Topic: Taste


You should by Monday complete this course: Unit 1 Power Searching Google. Just do Unit 1.

Every Day Starting Monday you should do the Googleaday Puzzle. It changes every day so you need to do it everyday between now and Thursday.

  • Tuesday, October 31
    • Posting Planning/Workshopping. –
  • Thursday, November 2

Week Nine: Bubbles!

Topic: Study Break

Social Media: Whichever you choose to use

Tuesday, October 24th
  • Posting Planning/Workshopping. –
    Thursday, October 26th

Week Eight

Topic: Self

Social Media: Snapchat

Tuesday, October 17th

  • Posting Planning/Workshopping.


Thursday, October 19th

  • “Here Comes Everybody” -Clay Shirky
  • Keyterms: None
  • Questions: 1. Shirky seems to argue that this “everybody” is a good thing, that this new media landscape of everyone being connected is good? Why does he think this? Are there problems with this landscape?
  • 2. What is a more contemporary example of the “missing phone”? Find an example from the last year where people came together online to accomplish something that wouldn’t have been possible without the internet…how does this example differ from the “missing phone”?

Week Seven: Short Production Cycle

Short production cycle this week, so you might want to come to class on Thursday with an already fully developed story idea.

Topic: People

Social Media: Instagram

  • Tuesday, October 10th
    • Fall Break: No Class
  • Thursday, October 12th
    • Posting Planning/Workshopping.

Remember to write to your Google Notes, 3 attention goals based on our class last Thursday.

Week Six: Paying Attention

Topic: School

Social Media: Twitter

For one class (any class that requires reading, although a History, Theology, Philosophy, or English class works best). You need to read for 45 minutes uninterrupted, with no distractions. This means you need to find a place that is quiet, you will not be bothered. Than put your phone on airplane mode, set the timer for 45 minutes, turn it over and don’t pick it up until the alarm goes off.

Week Five: The Medium Matters

Topic: Taste

Tuesday, September 26th

  • Posting Planning/Workshopping.
  • Analytics: Complete Unit 1 and Unit 2 of Google Analytics.
  • Come to class with 3 post ideas per group for the category “Taste: Posts about food, drink, music, fashion and other elements of your personal style.” If you are doing social media for your group this week you will be using Instagram.

Thursday, September 28th

  • “The Medium is the Message” -Marshall McLuhan
  • For the McLuhan you should print it out, mark it up, and bring it with you to class. This is a difficult text and you should plan on reading it slowly and making notes.
  • This week you will begin your reading notes.  Here is a guide and sample for Reading Notes.  (The notes say “COM 473” ignore that part, as they are from a previous class that was “473” but the rest is accurate.) Please make sure you follow this format. Reading notes are due Wednesday at 12:00 the day before class.
  • Keyterms: lightbulb, “technological idiot,”content, scale & pace
  • Questions: Write a one paragraph summary of what you take McLuhan to be saying here. Than write a one paragraph summary of what you were confused by/found difficult to understand.