Week Five: The Medium Matters

Topic: Taste

Tuesday, September 26th

  • Posting Planning/Workshopping.
  • Analytics: Complete Unit 1 and Unit 2 of Google Analytics.
  • Come to class with 3 post ideas per group for the category “Taste: Posts about food, drink, music, fashion and other elements of your personal style.” If you are doing social media for your group this week you will be using Instagram.

Thursday, September 28th

  • “The Medium is the Message” -Marshall McLuhan
  • For the McLuhan you should print it out, mark it up, and bring it with you to class. This is a difficult text and you should plan on reading it slowly and making notes.
  • This week you will begin your reading notes.  Here is a guide and sample for Reading Notes.  (The notes say “COM 473” ignore that part, as they are from a previous class that was “473” but the rest is accurate.) Please make sure you follow this format. Reading notes are due Wednesday at 12:00 the day before class.
  • Keyterms: lightbulb, “technological idiot,”content, scale & pace
  • Questions: Write a one paragraph summary of what you take McLuhan to be saying here. Than write a one paragraph summary of what you were confused by/found difficult to understand.

Week Four: Production Begins

Topic: Study Break

Production begins this week. The class topic for week one is “Study Break” this constitutes posts about life in college, but outside of SJU (get it “Study Break”). This is a chance to write something beyond campus life. Check out the category on Hawk Chill to see what has been done in the past.

Each group should come to class with at least two post ideas for their group to pitch and workshop on Tuesday.

You should also send me a link to your audio postcard from Thursday’s assignment.

Sandbox Post:

Due Sunday at 11:00AM

  • 4 Images to Your Post
  • 1 Should be from a DSLR (not iPhone or from online)
  • Edit 1 of them in picmonkey
  • Format all 4 in different ways (center, right, left, wrap with text etc)
  • Make sure when you upload you name the photo, label it etc
  • Create a credit section of you post below the post, where you credit the photos and indicate what features from class made them good choices (i.e. tone, color, composition, rule of thirds etc.)
Tuesday, September 19th

Week Three: Intro to MultiMedia Production

Tuesday, September 12th

Thursday, September 14th

Week Two: Getting Ready to Write for the Web

People often think that writing is writing. Not true. While some writing skills transfer across a range of audiences and mediums, the skills and styles for writing for different readers and for different forms of publications vary. Obviously a scholarly article is a different type of writing from a buzzfeed piece which is different from a technical manual. We will look this week at some key ways to understand how writing for the web is different.

  • Tuesday, September 5th

    • Read: Nicely Said Chps 1-3


  • Thursday, September 7th

    • Read: Nicely Said Chps 4-6
Also come up with a group name.

Week One (Thursday)

Thursday, August 31st

Read the following:

Make sure you get the book from either the bookstore or order it online you will need it for Tuesday.

Set up a google doc for class notes and share with me. Make the name of your document: Your Name + COM 200

In class we will use this article on the moon landing and this one on the internal combustion engine. But you don’t need it before.

Welcome to SJU COM

This is course website. Here is where you get all the assignments, details, and resources for the course. At the top there are links to the syllabus, schedule of classes, and ongoing assignments.