Communication Theory and Practice

COM200. Saint Joseph's University. Professor David Parry

The Final

The final will be on Thursday, December 10th at 1:00, in MH 174 (our usual classroom).

To prepare you should study the review sheet I passed out in class.

Final Week

Final Week

  • Both Tuesday and Thursday will be presentations of your Digital Project. Your slides are due to me by email 24 hours before your presentation.
  • In class I handed out a rubric for both your Digital Project and the Presentation, if you were not in class you might want to ask one of your peers for a copy.

Reviewing by Means of Presenting

Tuesday November 24th

  • In class presentations. Make sure someone from your group shows up early to load the slides.

Thursday November 26th

  • Eat Turkey. Or don’t. The choice is yours. No class.

Digital Footprints

November 17

November 19

Weekly Challenge

  • Nothing Specific. But if you missed a challenge and you want to go back and do it, make it so.

Digital Projects

  • Only two weeks till Thanksgiving, so update and make it strong so you can present well.

Memes and Building Healthy Communities

November 10th

November 12th

Digital Projects

  • This is the last month of class, only a few more weeks until the end of the semester. Time to step up your game and make your project really shine.

Weekly Challenge

Online Community

November 3rd

November 5th

Digital Projects

  • We are in the last month of your Digital Projects. Keep updating, and time to make them really stellar.

Weekly Challenge

  • For this week, due November 7th, time to expand your media, diversify what you are reading and posting about. In other words get outside of your filter bubble. You should take a look at the voices you currently pay attention to, and make sure you start listening to diverse voice, ones that are currently represented. For some of you this will mean gender diversity, for some geographic, for others perspective (people who you totally disagree with). Then use that diversity to expand what you post about for the week. Let that diversity inspire you to do something new.

Filter Bubbles

Digital Projects

  • As usual update your projects throughout the week. Weekly updates due at Friday noon.
  • Using the feedback that you received on Thursday improve your project. You then need to detail what you did (bullet points are okay), print that out, attach it to the sheets your received, and turn them all back into me on Thursday the 29th.

October 27

October 29

Weekly Challenge

  • Construct clear, compelling (and inclusive!) copy. For last week, you read Chapters 4 and 5 in the Yahoo! Style Guide about how to write clear, compelling content and make your language gender-neutral, unbiased, and internationally friendly. Put these into practice. Write strong posts, use subheadings, use clear and concise sentences, focused paragraphs. Spend extra effort making your writing stand out. Good writing is what gets you noticed.

Level Up Your Blog

October 20

October 22

  • Read: Yahoo Style Guide Chapter 4 (Construct Clear Copy)
  • Read: Yahoo Style Guide Chapter 5 (Be Inclusive)

Digital Project

  • As usuaul update and post to your site.

Weekly Challenge


Digital Projects

  • As usual the weekly requirements for posting to/adding content to your website are due on Friday.

Weekly Challenge

  • Many of you are really taking these seriously and using them to improve your sites and it shows in the quality of your projects. If you want the list of everyone’s site and how they are doing on the challenges you can find it here
  • This week’s challenge is due on Sunday the 18th, time to update frequently.

Tuesday October 13th

  • No Class. Well you can come to class, but the room will be locked and everyone else will be on fall break.

Thursday October 15th

  • In class midterm. If you have a laptop you might want to bring it, if not you can use one of the ones we have in the room.

Difficult Problems

Digital Writing Project

  • As usual you need to spend 2.5-3 hours producing content for your site. For most of you this means writing roughly 750 words, for others this means fewer words but more images. Keep in mind that you can spread this out over several posts, in fact it is a good strategy to have some shorter and some longer ones.

Weekly Challenge

  • The challenge due on October 11th is up. Time to really develop your own distinct tone and voice.

Mastering Skills

  • Make sure that during the weekend you practice two key skills that you did in class.
    • Know how to do a reverse image search. That is how to look at an image and search for similar images in Google.
    • Know how to identify who owns any website. You should be able to use a DNS lookup tool to identify the owner of a site.

Tuesday Ocotber 6th

Thursday October 8th

  • Time to Become Power Searchers. Take a look at this course. Do the course introduction and try out THREE of the challenges.


  • On Tuesday October 6th, the directed lab will be an intro to Photoshop, so if you have a site with lots of images, you might want to go. (Or even if you just want to figure how to edit and create a customized header image.)