Communication Theory and Practice.

Presentation Dates

Last Week of Class

You will be presenting your blog during the last week of class. Below is a list of days on which people will present. If you missed class on Tuesday make sure you can download the guidelines here.

Tuesday, December 2nd

  • Caroline
  • Patrick
  • Jessica F.
  • Richie B.
  • Jessica H.
  • Kelly
  • Alex
  • Austin
  • Jala
  • Amy
  • Sam

Thursday, December 4th

  • Thomas
  • Caitlyn
  • Becky
  • Anjelica
  • Riche G.
  • Alayna
  • Rachael
  • Conor
  • Gina
  • Andy


  • Reminder you will have a final on December 15th at 10:30. I will cover the details of this in class.


Before Thanksgiving

Tuesday the 25th of November

Your group review presentation will be do in class. One person from your group needs to come 15 minutes early to make sure we get the slides loaded. Keep in mind:

  • Presentations should be between 5 and 7 minutes.
  • You want to use visuals that enhance your presentation.
  • Not everyone in your group needs to “talk” during the presentation.
  • You probably want to practice several times before giving the presentation.

Here are the steps from in class:

  • Step One: Discuss Topic. Decide What is Important. (Note: This step should take some time.)
  • Step Two: Decide Story. Figure out how you are going to tell the story of this topic.
  • Step Three: Write The Presentation Outline.
  • Step Four: Make Presentation. Use Stuff We Talked About.
  • Step Five: Practice

At the end of class I will go over guidelines for your individual presentations the following week.

Digital Writing Project

You do not need to write 750 words the week of Thanksgiving, but you can as a make up for a week which you missed previously in the semester.


Week Thirteen

Tuesday, Novemeber 18th

  • No Reading or Reading Notes. Instead finish developing and writing up your ideas for a Peer to Peer system. As a reminder see the end of the post for the questions that will guide you in developing this.
  • Each group will have 5-10 minutes to develop explain their project/idea to the rest of the class. Bonus points for groups that come with visuals/slides to help explain their crazy/radical ideas. We will then follow up each project with questions and answers where the other groups will critique and question your plan? What they like, what they didn’t like, what would work, what wouldn’t etc… .
  • If you were not in class on Thursday you will serve an extra critical role as judges analyzing people’s presentations and then doing a post presentation write up for the projects. In order to do this if you were not in class on Thursday make sure you find someone who was and get the notes from them that we started class with.

Thursday, November 20th

  • Read Net Smart (239-253)
  • Keyowrds: The Public Sphere, Remix Culture, Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Digital Projects

  • As usual 750 words do by the end of the week.
  • Make sure to incorporate the feedback you received in the group sessions to make your project better.

Questions from Peer to Peer Class Projects (to guide your planning)

  • In the absence of central authority how will this be organized? (Be radical, the crazier the idea the more likely it is to work. I mean who thought a group of people in their spare time could write an encyclopedia or an operating system.)
  • How would you scale this up? what happens when it starts to get big and popular?
  • What will this system/organization do to govern itself, make decisions? What is the philosophy and what is the means for making decisions?
  • What will motivate people (in the absence of money) to contribute? Hint: You probably want many motivations.
  • What roles will people play? (Keep in mind you want various roles, and a low barrier of entry)
  • What will you do about the free-riding problem?
  • How will you build trust & transparency into the system?


Week Twelve

I hope the blog reviews were productive for you all. Regular class sessions start back up on Tuesday.


  • Read Net Smart (173-187)
  • Keywords: Free Riding, Web Server, Self-Election, Peer-to-Peer Markets


  • Read Net Smart (215-238)
  • Keywords: Social Capital, Reciprocating, Bonding, Bridging

Digital Projects

  • As usual 750 words do by the end of the week.
  • Make sure to incorporate the feedback you received in the group sessions to make your project better.


Week Eleven

Project Week

  • This week is group project week. Class does not meet during the regular schedule on Tuesday or Thursday. Instead you need to coordinate with your group and find one of the times that all of you can attend the workshop. You should have received an email, if you did not email me ASAP. If you did coordinate with your group and make sure you sign up for one of the times listed.

Digital Writing Project

  • As usual you will need to write 750 words to your digital writing project.


Week Ten

Week Ten

Tuesday October 28th


  • Net Smart, 147-173
  • Keywords: Mass Collaboration, Coordination, Cooperation, Collaboration.

Thursday October 30th

  • Blog Image Workshop.
  • Read How To Fix Common Image Issues (stop when you get to “How to Import External Images in WordPress”)
  • Read: Using Images
  • Then instead of your reading notes: Look through your Feedly or RSS aggregator of choice and find your “top three” blogs — the sources that you would say are the most relevant and useful to your project right now. Examine each blog carefully, focusing on how they use images to attract readers. In your notes, write a paragraph in response to the following: What kinds of images do you see? How image-heavy is the site? How are photographs, screen captures, hand-drawn illustrations, or other images working in the design of the home page? How do the images work within individual posts? How does the blogger credit the images? What does he or she do to make images personalized or more appealing to the target audience? Do you notice any patterns in the blogger’s use of images — like frequent collages, a big image at the top of every post, or a preference for Instagrammish filters? How do all these choices — including the use of very few or no images — fit with the blog’s purpose and audience?

Digital Project

  • As usual 750 words due by Friday.
  • Incorporate the feedback you got from your peers from last weeks workshop.
  • You should get an email regarding groups for your second peer evaluation. Make sure you respond to the ASAP to pick a time for Week Eleven.


Making Money

Week Eight


  • No Class


  • Read Net Smart (134-145)
  • Keywords: Playbor, Participatory Culture, Impression Management, Informed Consent
  • Add a paragraph to your writing notes that explains what you did to “puncture your filter bubble” i.e. how have you added diversity into your social media information stream. What types of diversity did you add?


  • Reminder I will pass out the midterm on Thursday and it will be due the following Thursday.

Digital Writing

  • As usual 750 words are due to your blog by Friday at noon.


Mastering the Google Machine

Digital Writing Assignment

  • This week, as with every week, you need to write 750 words to your blog. There is no assigned post, but you should consider the feedback I handed back in class and incorporate that into what you do. You should have at least two posts, and try to spread them out throughout the week. Also concentrate on “joining the conversation,” that is interacting with and commenting on what other people on other blogs are saying about your topic area.
  • Since this is a light reading week you also should spend time perfecting some of the aesthetic (i.e. layout) parts of your blog.

Tuesday, September 30th.

  • Read “How to Solve Impossible Problems” John Tedesco
  • Instead of the normal reading notes. Make a list (and put it on your reading notes) of all the techniques mentioned in the above reading. Also feel free to add your own, tips, tricks, etc. for using “the Google.”
  • And if you haven’t already fill out this form

Thursday, October 2nd.

  • No Reading.
  • Come up with a Google Puzzle and bring it to class.
  • Find a neat search trick you can do with Google or Wolfram Alpha and add it to this document


  • If you want the story behind the “fake” but real schools this reddit discussion explains. It is rich with examples on how to find out the truth onine.