COM 473

Information. Materiality. 3Dprinting.

Last Week

Note: We will meet on both Tuesday and Thursday this last week of class.

Our adventure in Printing is almost over. This last week we will meet both Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday do discuss Making is Connecting and Thursday to turn in and informally present your creative portfolios.


  • Read Making is Connecting (115-184)
  • Read Making It Evgeny Morozov
  • Keywords: Robert Putnam, Deschooling, Hacking, Maker Movement


  • Bring your creative portfolios to class. Also any items you printed that you still have. (Keep in mind most people haven’t seen what you printed as you have had different printing times.)


  • You are not required to print this week (as we are meeting twice) but if you would like to print I will open up the lab Tuesday and Thursday during free period. Also you can still check out a printer if you want to try and pull off a final longer print before your portfolio is due. Email me to set up a date to check out.

Legendary Making


  • Read Making is Connecting (1-81)
  • We will start by talking about the Print the Legend Movie then we will talk about Making is Connecting.
  • Keywords: Creativity, Craft, John Ruskin, William Morris


  • You do not have to print this week. But there will be open print times Monday 5:30-7:00, Tuesday 10:45-12:30. Sign up Here. If you want to check out a Printer on Monday or Tuesday night you can email me as well.

Printing a Legend


  • Read Missing the Point (Make sure you read the comments as well.)
  • Watch Print the Legend This is a movie about 3d Printing. You can only access it on Netflix.
  • Keywords: Bre Pettis, Open Source Hardware, Formlabs, Handmade.

Print Times

  • Note that this is the last week of printing before Thanksgiving break. Tuesday 11:00-12:30. Tuesday 5:00-6:30. Thursday 10:45-12:30. Thursday 12:30-1:45. Sign up Here. Also if you haven’t yet had a chance to check out a printer and print from home send me an email and let me know what evening you would like to check one out.

Printing Guns


Printing Times

Week of Nov 10th Printing: Tuesday 10:45-12:15, Wednesday 5:00-6:30, Thursday 11:00-12:30, Thursday 12:30-1:45. Sign up here.

Also if you would like to check out one of the Printrbot simples on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening send me an email and we can work this out. This is especially usefull if you want to try and make a long print to add to your portfolio.

Printing and IP


  • Read. “IP in a World Without Scarcity” & Mark Lemley “The Intellectual Property Implications of 3D Printing”
  • Keyowrds: Zero Marginal Cost, Napster (Grokster), Unregistered Design Right, 3DPDF.
  • Note: These are legal journal articles. They read a bit different from other things we have read in class. Don’t worry about digesting all of the footnotes, instead your goal should be to get the overall philosophy of the argument, what are the principles being discussed here.

Print Times

  • Sign up here. Times are: Monday 5:00-6:30, Tuesday 5:00-6:30, Wednesday 5:00-6:30, Thursday 11:00-12:30, 12:30-1:45.

More on Intellectual Property and Why It Is/is Not Real.


  • Read Information Feudalism Chapters 11-14
  • Keywords: Infogopolies. TRIPS. Patent Engineering. A Public Good.

Printing Times

  • Note: You don’t have to print this week. That is, you are not required to print. But if you want to print there are two times available. If you have been looking to do a longer print, a 2+ hour one you should come on Friday.
  • Two Times. No need to sign up: Tuesday 5:00-6:30. Friday 1:15-5:00.

Controlling the Information

Tuesday, October 21st


  • Information Feudalism. Drahos & Braithwaite. Chapters 1-3
  • Keywords: Intellectual Property, Stationers, Piracy, State Granted Monopoly Privelege,

Print Times

More Printing

Week Eight

  • No class on Tuesday so no reading for the week. But you still need to attend a printing session. There are four choices next week. You can sign up on this document. Choices Thuesday 10:45-12:30, 12:30-1:45, 5:00-6:00. Friday 1:30-3:30. First to sign up gets first choice of slots.
  • Reminder: Midterms are Due on Thursday to me by 12:30 PM You can always turn it in early but I need your print copy of the midterm on Thursday.

Carey Round Two

Tuesday October 7

  • Read Carey, Culuture of Communication Chapters 5-7
  • Keywords: Electronic Utopians, Harold Innis, Hegemony of New York, Ideology of the Future.
  • Midterm Will Be Handed Out in Class.Due the Following Week


  • Four scheduled times for printing the week of October 6: Tuesday 5:00-6:30, Thursday 11:00-12:30, Thursday 12:30-1:45, Friday 2:00-3:30. You can sign up in class on Tuesday.

Carey on Communication


  • Read. Communication as Culture Introduction. Chapter 1 & 2.
  • Keywords: Communication, Transmission Model, Ritual Model, Symbolic Process.
  • Also if you haven’t already, fill out this survey


  • Your self driven research paragraph is due to your reading notes by Friday (September 26th) at noon.

Extra Printing

  • Extra print time Friday the 26th at 1:00 till 5:00.
  • Tuesday at 5:00
  • Or email me and we can schedule a time for you to check one out as needed.