Ethics in Communication.

Final Reading

The Final will be Friday at 1:00 in Merion Hall 150. The final exam question will be about managing anonymity and privacy online. In preparation for the final you should read/watch the following:


Neutrality and Culture

Tuesday April 14th

  • You do not have any reading for Tuesday, unless you have not watched The Internet Must Go assigned last week. Also if you didn’t last week edit the wiki on Net Neutrality.
  • Also for the brave you can still get extra credit by setting up PGP encryption and emailing me and encrypted message. Be sure when you email me to attach your public key so I can send you an encrypted message in return.
  • And if you are interested here are two humourous videos related to what we were talking about in class. John Oliver traveled to Russia to interview Snowden, this is informative but also definitely NSFW so be careful where you watch it. And then there is this shorter video (like 2 minutes) that explains how to make a good password that is not breakable, and is easy to remeber.



Under Surviellance

Tuesday April 7th

  • Watch Citizenfour.
  • Edit the wiki on Citizenfour.
  • Bring with you to class the research you did over the weekend on browsing with Ghostery, Disconnect Me, and Terms of Service Didn’t Read. You should include, which sites were the worst on tracking, the best? Which sites had the best Terms of Service, the worst? And how it changed your browsing experience?

Thursday April 9th


Trusting the Engineers

Tuesday March 31

  • Listen to the RadioLab Podcast: The Trust Engineers. It is about 30 minutes long, and on the expirements Facebook does on you without you knowing. This is your only “reading this week” make sure you do it though before this class or you will be totally lost.
  • Then contribute to the Wiki on The Trust Engineers
  • Important: Bring your computer to class.
  • If you subscribed to Hulu Plus to watch We Live in Public make sure you cancel your subscription.

Thursday April 1

  • No reading or prep for class. Just come to class with your computer.


Your Privacy

Tuesday, March 24th

Thursday, March 26th

  • Watch We Live in Public
  • As Olivia discovered it is no longer available on Netflix. However it is on Hulu Plus. If you don’t have Hulu plus that’s okay you can sign up for a free one week account and then just cancel. Or a 30 day free trail at IndiePix would also get you access.
  • Or, if you don’t like that plan email me, I have a DVD copy that you could borrow.
  • Edit the wiki.


Wagering on the Content of the Internet

Tuesday March 17

  • You should read the three articles listed below.
  • First read this short Wikipedia article that explains the original bet/wager: Carr-Benkler Wager
  • Then read why Carr thinks he won: Pay Up, Yochai
  • Then read why Benkler thinks it’s not so clear: Carr-Benkler Wager Revisted
  • Then decide who you think won, write a paragraph explaining your choice, and bring it to class (type this up so you can hand it it).
  • Bring your computers to class

Thursday March 19




Get your midterm here. Due at 4:00 today (Thursday).


Before SpringBreak. Midterm


  • If you have not already take this survey do it now. It will only take two minutes and if you don’t you want get the classes you want next semester.

Update the Wiki

  • Make sure your group completes update to your assigned section by Sunday at noon. If you were not in class on Thursday, email me and I will assign you a group.

Tuesday, March 3rd

Thursday, March 5th

  • In Class Midterm