Twitter and Higher Education

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Relatively early in the Twitter hype curve I started using Twitter in one of my classes. At the time I was teaching a course on “Computer Mediated Communication” and thus it seemed like a good time to experiment with this “new craze.” After the semester I wrote a post to my blog talking about how I used, why I used it, and its effects on classroom dynamics. For whatever reason this garnered a significant amount of attention, leading to an article in The Chronicle, and various other higher education publications. Some of this is already fairly dated. But regardless it is now clear there were three big winners in the Web 2.0 transformation: Google, Facebook, and Twitter. This could certainly change, but for now I think it is roughly true and thus all three of these are worth significant serious study. For a host of reasons I find Twitter to be the most interesting. Here is a list of some of the Twitter and Higher Education pieces: