To the Blogosphere a Moment of Your Time Perhaps.

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

As many of you know, I am currently teaching a class called Digital Politics, for which this is the class blog. I need a moment of your time, to perhaps help with this class. In this class students are studying and participating in the blogosphere of Digital Politics, following and commenting upon various aspects of the American Presidential Race. They have spent the last week or so developing blogs, and now have some content. The class is now in the process of opening up their respective blogs to the outside world. This is where you all come in, I was hoping you wouldn’t mind clicking over to one or two of their blogs, and leaving a comment or two on something you find interesting.

If you wouldn’t mind clicking thru to one of the blogs listed below and commenting on one of the posts . . .

Here is a run down of the student’s blogs, and if you are teaching a similar class/or looking for comments on your students’ blogs let me know and I will return the favor . . . promise.

  • Old Man Yells at A Cloud: A left leaning blog, focusing on the “ridiculousness of McCain.” They collect not only articles, but videos, and photos, think of it as your “poke fun at McCain resource.
  • Conversations About Money: A blog about fiscal policy, written from a conservative vantage point.
  • Slumpolitics: Left leaning blog, focusing on issues that impact the working class, and the poor.
  • Squawking Heads: A humorous take on this election cycle. What would happen if fictional characters were commenting and reporting on the news . . . like Batman . . .
  • Religions in a Religion of Politics: A more nuanced take on the question of religion in politics.
  • The Washcloth: Trying to get beyond the sound bites and mud slinging.
  • Another Room: Presidential Politics for the anarchist fringe.