This Week’s Collection O’ Stuff

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Here is this week’s collection of things you might want to check out if you are interested in academia, technology, or perhaps just looking for something to read while you wait for that download to finish.

  • Scholarly Research Excahgne: Someone I follow twittered this earlier in the week (sorry not sure who so I can’t give credit). Anyway it is a new peer-reviewed open access journal, focusing for now at least, on the sciences. There is not much content as of yet, but the advisory board is international and substantial. Equally as important, the developers seem to have spent time thinking through the layout and structure. I’ll be interested to see how this develops.
  • Wikis in Education: One of the things I have been thinking about his how to use Wikis more effectively in teaching, particularly because I want students to develop collaborative literacy as I think this will be an important rhetorical skill in the future. This recent interview with Stewart Mader is a good place to start.
  • Twiddla: Twiddla is a virtual whiteboard. I have been waiting for this to be done right, as it is an extremely useful tool, and not everyone has Mac OS 10.5 which allows easy screen sharing. Twiddla is extremely easy, as they say “no plugins, no downloads, or firewall vodoo.” (Firewall Vodoo? Haven’t heard that before, but think I will now use it regularly as a catch-all phrase.)
  • AideRSS: I am always on the look-out for how to pull off new tricks using RSS feeds. AideRSS allows you to sort and rank posts. This is particularly useful if you are trying to monitor sites which produce high volume updates.