The Best Holiday Gift I Am Likely to Get—New Devon

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

DevonTechnologies has just released the beta version of DevonThink 2.0. And yes, this is likely the best thing I will get for the Holidays. Whether this says more about me and my geeky/scholarly loves, or about the people who will give me gifts I leave to you. (Actually my brother and I instituted a ban on gifts to anyone who was alive for the Ronald Reagan Presidency, instead we give stuff to charities . . . but I digress). At any rate, I am wonderfully excited about this release, for as much as I use Devon the interface was somewhat lacking and it needed to catch-up with the current informational trends (tagging). I am happy to say that the interface has much improved (it supports coverflow). Devon also says that the search functions have been improved. But, what interests me most about the new features is the side drawer which allows for easily adding information to multiple and separate databases.