Some Weekend Reading

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Here are some things readers of Academhack might find interesting.

  • One of the difficulties in teaching and researching on the web, is preserving the paths of exploration, not only for one’s own purposes but so that others can traverse the same path. In this regard I have mentioned Diigo before, which allows you to bookmark, highlight, and create slideshows from webpages (a useful solution). But there are other options for sharing web surfing. As Liberal Education Today highlights one can use Trailfire or perhaps more interestingly PMOG which attempts to add a bit of fun to the process, making web surfing a social game.
  • Speaking of staying organized. Gathering in Light (the name has something to do with Quakers the subject of the bloggers dissertation) has a well formulated post on using to organize your research, especially when prepping for writing the dissertation.
  • Finally The Chronicle covers Noah Wardrip-Fruin’s open sourcing of the manuscript review process. Working with MIT and GrandTextAuto he made his manuscript available free online. Thus opening up the peer review process. I tend to agree with Noah when he says that The Chronicle article tends towards creating a conflict (blog review vs. peer review) when perhaps that wasn’t the point. Anyway both the article and Noah’s reflections on the process are worth a read.