Saturday Morning Ways to Procrastinate Yet Gain Valuable Insight

David Parry bio photo By David Parry
  • My favorite academic article last week appeared in The Chronicle, a defense of academic blogging.
  • The more complicated questions I get, that I usually cannot answer, revolve around copyright. Now I happen to be lucky and have an older brother who works in intellectual property law, so I can seek advice from him. But, for those who don’t have such a family member, or who cannot wade through a longish phone conversation of legal speak that often ends in an ambiguous answer I recommend the Center for Social Media’s Code of Best Practices in Fair Use of Media Literacy. The Center has released a full length report (20 pages) which you can download along with a short introductory video (5 minutes).
  • And, to put your new found sense of copyright freedom to good use, watch this video at Tinkernut, which explains five different ways to get more out of YouTube. All of them are useful, but the two which are perhaps most relevant for education are playing videos in high quality, and cropping videos (so you can point the students to the important parts).