Random (yet perhaps not so random) Set of Things Which Might Interest You

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

I am working on a follow up post to my recent scribe on using Twitter in Academia (for whatever reason this garnered a great deal of interest and I have received many questions which I am trying to address in one long post). At any rate in the meantime here are some places around the internets you might want to visit.

  • Keeping Citations Straight: Inside Higher Ed covers one of (if not the best) online citation meets social bookmarking website.
  • Quicksilver for PCs: The most important application on my computer is Quicksilver. More than any other application it saves me time, and makes working at a computer far more pleasant. When I sit down at a Mac without Quicksilver I feel lost. Until recently nothing on the PC came close to mirroring its effects. This lifehacker post covers the now emerging PC versions of Quicksilver. (But I am still not switching . . . I love my Mac . . . in a wholesome way).
  • Revisioning Students Today: This video response to Wesch’s popular video on Writer Response Theory is a thoughtful and timely provocation, especially for those of us who teach Digital Literacy and Digital Rhetoric.