Managing all those Articles

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

One of the more frequent questions I get asked as an academic is what program do you use to manage all the information/articles you come across. In fact, even academics with more luddite tendencies want a program to manage all of the journal articles or papers that are stored on their computers. For me I have long been a fan of Devon Think, and I don’t plan to switch anytime soon, but I did run across a post at the appleblog covering a new program called papers. As the post points out, this software was designed with a more “scientific” emphasis. From what little I used the program I can say it boosts some significant advantages when compared to other applications in this genre. First, the interface is far more pleasant and Mac like than something like Devon. But more importantly Papers makes it easy to get information in and out of the program, allowing for quick integration with word processor programs. This means rather than typing out all that bibliographic information you can just drag and drop. Equally as important, Papers allows you to sort and organize by a wide range of metadata, and integrates with PubMed. For me the program lacks a few essential features that I am not willing to leave Devon for (fuzzy logic and search strings for one, but also doesn’t handle the wide range of audio and video files which Devon does). If you are still looking for a research organization application Papers might be what you are looking for.