LaTex-Another Word Processing Option

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Occasionally when I write about word processors someone will ask about using LaTeX (that’s LaTeX, not latex . . . totally different things). LaTex is the hardcore version of Word Processing. I most often find it used by those in the sciences as it is much easier to type equations and formulas in LaTex. (Technically speaking LaTex is not a program but a mark-up language-like HTML, there are many programs which enable you to work in LaTex.)

Unfortunately LaTeX is rather complicated for the uninitiated. Fortunately though Arjun Muralidharan at The Productive Student has written a post about how he uses LaTeX as a Word Processor. As Arjun points out there are many advantages to using something like LaTeX, where content is separate from form, allowing you to concentrate on the text, leaving the format for an afterthought. Equally as important, is the way that LaTeX allows easy import of bibliographic data.

So, if you are interested in this type of word processing check out Arjun’s point, and perhaps this free users manual.