David Parry bio photo By David Parry

And the word for obvious conclusion of the week goes to John William Pope Center for Higher Education which concludes that sharing syllabi online is a good idea. Really? You’re kidding sharing knowledge actually helps?

Seriously is there a reason to not do this? Are you really going to suggest that education is fostered by being secret and clandestine, treating the syllabus as some proprietary, rare commodity available only to a select group of students? Please! Publish your syllabus online, not behind a firewall, not only can your students see what they should expect for the class, but professors and students at other Universities can use the syllabus as a resource.

What about syllabus stealing you ask? Here’s your solution: publish all your syllabi on the web, give them a creative commons license. Now another faculty can use as he/she sees fit, but only if they give you credit . . . problem solved.