YouTube for Human Rights

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

I recently discovered The Click Heard Round the World, a blog about technology and politics. Rik seems to me to be really forward thinking it tackling a range of issues. Today his blog has a link to a interview he did with Deadline LA. Anyway this led me to Think of this as a YouTube which will host video about human rights abuses. Given the recent use of YouTube to bring to light the stories of those in Guantanamo Bay (discussed in this interview). This site has a range of pedagogical uses, especially for those whose classes cover human rights and globalization. YouTube has a policy or removing videos which it deems as overly violent (understandably given the presence of teens filming themselves conducting “beat-downs” and posting it on the web). Right now the site is still developing, but there is already a great deal here for classroom use.