Week’s List of Useful Things

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Here is a list of things from the past week or so that people have sent me or that I have seen while navigating the web that you might perchance find useful.

Gideon who uses the hipster PDA (think stack of note cards) sends along a link to note card templates he has created. You can go download his note cards for reading. These strike me also as useful for framing discussions with students about what information you need from a book and how to effectively take notes. This link as has a note card about book note taking (think of it as the meta-card). And the best part—free.

Someone at The University of Missouri-Rolla sent me an interesting link. (Okay not someone a person whose name I have, but I won’t mention people’s names unless they say it is okay, as some people like their anonymity.) Apparently the University wants to change its name and has launched a name change blog. Public discourse about the public university, okay only a name, but its a good start. (Now only if all of those schools with Native American mascots would do the same.)

Finally, Michael at e-Literate points to this list on Lorelle on WordPress of WordPress plugins. If you are a professor using blogs to communicate with your class then this might be a useful link to check-out (you have to scroll down as a few other posts have bumped down the series of posts on plugins). You can find ways to add audio-video to your class blog, or the crucial how to back up your blog.