Random Useful (Free) Stuff

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Free Software: Everyone loves Free Software. This site is a wiki which lists various sources of free software that might be of use to those in Academia. The list is not vary extensive right now, but hey its a wiki, so you can just add to it. It does cover the major ones though: Ubuntu and Open Office.

Free Books: Some publishers are starting to get this whole content for free idea. Ohio State University Press (sorry that should be THE Ohio State University Press), is now offering some of its titles online for free. They are still retaining copyright on these works (but at least this is a start). Currently there are over 60 titles available to download which cover a range of disciplines. Hopefully this will get those titles some exposure, and Ohio will increase its offerings.

Free Wisdom: Okay this “free” is a stretch, but head on over to Geeky Mom and read this post which covers the Chronicles latest attempt to be anti-technology and bemoan our changing society. If I had time I would point out everything that is wrong with the Chronicle piece, but I don’t, and besides Geeky Mom and crew have already done a fine job of that. I will just add this point: technology is simply a way of communicating, a way which our students are trained in hearing. Not communicating with students in the way that they are trained seems like bad pedagogy.