More Wikipedia Non-Sense

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Apparently many people (and by people I mean ill-informed academics) still think Wikipedia is a horrible, awful, very bad, terrible, no-good thing. The Warren Hills Regional School District has decided to block access to Wikipedia from school computers. Kairosnews asks the crucial question: Isn’t the problem poor teaching not Wikipedia? For a more engaged analysis see a thaumaturgical compendium where Alex points out, rightly so, that this type of reactionary response only hurts the students:

Frankly, if I had a kid in the Warren Hills Regional School District, I would pull them out of school, and give them a chance to get an actual education. I hate to think how these poor children are going to cope if they make it to college and have to learn how to research a topic—research that will often include going to Wikipedia.

And for students who are in college check out Gearfire’s run down of how to use Wikipedia. (Note to ill-informed: Gearfire gets it right. Wikipedia is an excellent secondary resource, and works well when used this way—much better than Britannica.)