More Useful Stuff Elsewhere

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

I am working on a couple of longer things for the near future (tools for syllabus, some Devon notes, and writing a dissertation), but in the short span here are some useful links from around the web.

Two links on the Apple Mailing list. The first is a short review of information management software. The second is a run down of bibliography software. The author’s conclusion is that he wants the functionality of BibDesk and Devon with an interface like Yojimbo. (This agrees with many of the comments on this blog as well).

If you have a .edu address you can get a subscription to Time’s Select for free. Who knew? I had stopped reading the times when the editorial went behind the firewall. Nice to see that as an academic one can still get access. The LSE Media Group has the details.

Speaking of bibliography software Beyond My Mind has a list of what is currently available, and a comparison table. This list is useful especially for those not on a Mac as he covers a range of options. This blog also has a comparison of bibliographic search engines.

And finally for those who are so inclined, you can pull combine google books with mapping features to create some interesting textual visualizations. Not my thing, but contextually useful.