A Week of Useful Links

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Weblogged points to this site which mobilizes Google Earth to track places in relation to literary works. Want to show your students the places in the Odyssey? Use this. (They have more than just the Odyssey, but I always had trouble keeping track of those place names so this seems like the most useful to me.)

Xplanazine a site that is “hit or miss.” Outlines a useful idea for collaborative online quizzes. Basically you make your quizzes available online to anyone who wants, and this helps students practice, and teachers see what other educators are doing. (Good idea, I generally don’t use quizzes though, but real useful for the disciplines that do.)

Via Lifehacker comes this free tool for converting to .pdf. This application (Windows only) makes it easy to convert on your desktop Word documents into .pdf. This is invaluable for sharing papers between people, as you know others will be able to read a .pdf and it will preserve formating.