David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Things to distract you from grading final papers:

Trailfire: Lets you create a “trail” through the web, and mark it up, this way you could create a path for students to follow and read related pages on the web. There are many services out there like this, but I like Trailfire for its ease of use.

Download YouTube Videos: Mostly I just show videos straight from YouTube, but occasionally YouTube will remove videos, or I will want to show a video in a location that does not have internet access—here is a list of ways to easily download YouTube videos. Mashable lists online choices, as well as platform specific (Mac, Linux, or PC).

Advice for Graduates: One of the things I enjoy about lifehacker are the reader’s advice collections. This one is a collection of things for recent graduates. Some good: “Don’t get a credit card from those companies that come to campus and offer a free tshirt if you apply. They arent really your friends and dont give two craps about you.” Some I don’t necessarily agree with: “Get some managerial experience as soon as possible.” It is interesting how many of the comments are about debt and fiscal management.