How to Zotero

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Just yesterday I was talking with a fellow academic, who frustrated by Endnotes was wondering what other options exist for managing references. My no think response was Zotero. Which caused me to think about doing another plug for Zotero here on Academhack, but fortunately for me, another scholar has already done this work. Scott McLemee has written and in depth review of Zotero for Inside Higher Ed. I won’t repeat what Scott has written, but rather tell you why you should go read it: Scott is not a “tech” person. That is, Scott gives a review from the perspective of someone who is not immersed in tech, and his conclusion: “Zotero does for research what word processing did for writing.” Scott’s article not only gives his impression of the software, but also highlights the places to go to learn how to use it. And my advice for those who don’t use a citation manager: start . . .it will save you lots of time.