Enhanced Classroom Blogging

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Those who follow this blog know that I think blogging platforms are the answer to presenting classroom material online, especially given their ability to be modified via plugins to conform to your specific needs. Two developments on this front: A couple of months ago The Institute for the Future of the Book released CommentPress a plugin for those using WordPress that allows for increased comment functions (killer for those of us in the humanities who promote “close reading.) But, using something like CommentPress can be a little on the difficult side for those who do not have the tech skills to modify their own bogs, or even the ability to install plugins. Never fear edublogs to the rescue. Now with your free edublogs account you can now use CommentPress.

Confused? No Idea what I am talking about? That’s okay. Head on over to this article by Kathleen Fitzpatrick that is both about CommentPress and uses CommentPress—a great way to see it in action.