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Supposing you have time, here are some things of note.

Find a tutor: Lifehacker post on a service that helps you find a tutor, or if you are a tutor find a student. As of now the service only works Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Just as instructive though is the discussion about the post, and the concerns about this type of social networking.

A Good Homepage for Students: Gearfire features this post about a website called Schoolr which makes a good choice as a homepage. Basically Schoolr comibines searches for Google, Wikipedia, dictionary, translations, and citations all in one easy to find space. Personally my browser is always open so a “homepage” is fairly meaningless, and I use Quicksilver to conduct all my searches, but this is probably a good place to send students.

Web 2.0 for Educators: Teaching Hacks, one of the best websites on using tech in the classroom, points to how to find his extended document on ways to use Web 2.0 in the classroom space. This document is 50 pages long and contains many an idea. It is mainly aimed at K12. You can download it directly from his site, or view it online at Scribd, a sort of YouTube for documents.

Zotero: For those using Zotero, you might want to check out this post.

PC Note Taking: For those who read this blog regularly, you already know that one of my essential programs is Devon Think, but honestly I am trying to include tips here for PCers as well. So you might want to check out this lifehacker post which covers EverNote. Evernote is free, but check out the lifehacker discussion on this post to get a run down of other options, and/or the benefits of upgrading to the paid version of EverNote.

Searching the Web: And my best discovery of the week is Searching the Internet, a blog that is about “searching the internet” (as if the name wasn’t clear). The author has posts covering science searches, image searches, how to find safe pages, and various search engines. Definitely worth a look. I am forever stressing to my students the importance of using multiple search engines, and for that this site is tremendously useful.