Apparently Business Sense is not Something Harvard Values in its Students

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

According to the Harvard Crimson newspaper, students are being prohibited by the bookstore from copying down textbook information. Why would a bookstore want to prevent this? Because students then use this information to purchase the books for cheaper online. Sounds like good business/financial smarts to me?

Seriously the textbook market is such a racket of copyright/intellectual property nonsense—power to the students. They are doing what any educated shopper would, comparison shop. If the local bookstore is going to charge too much for books, then by them online, or from other students (most bookstores buy back at ridiculously low rates). The part that amazes me is that the book store claims the information students are copying down is their intellectual property. Huh? Seems to me this information belongs to the students and the professors. Maybe professors should just put the ISBN on their syllabus, problem solved. (The Coop apparently prevented a database of this information from becoming available, a database which would have made it easier for students and faculty to order and get books.)