An Apology, an Explanation, and an Annoucement

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

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As a few commenters and other readers of this blog have noticed, the information and updates have been relatively few and far between over the past month. Honestly, I have a good reason though . . .My plans for next year have suddenly changed, rather than taking the post doc position at Georgia Tech I have accepted an offer at University of Texas at Dallas. (Thus I have been busy traveling to and making arrangements for a move to Dallas.) While I was excited about the chance to work at the top notch department at Georgia Tech, the opportunity at UTD was just to good to pass on (for one it is an assistant professorship rather than a post doc). I am not going to go into a lengthy explanation here about the job, more will certainly come over the next year, but it is in a new rapidly growing part of UTD. Short synopsis: I will be working in Arts and Technology in a program that is only a year old called Emerging Media and Communications. As part of my role is to work on changing technologies of communication and representation such as blogs and wikis, this blog will hopefully become even more a part of my academic work (i.e. staying involved in the praxis of that which I theorize). Certainly more to come . . .but from “The Big D” rather than “Hot-lanta.”