Again with the Useful Stuff . . .

David Parry bio photo By David Parry

Here is the more or less weekly collection of academically useful links.

Teaching Hacks has a useful post on tools for educators who want to use video for their classes. Links to ways to download YouTube videos, add subtitles, or convert files.

In the past week I think I have seen and least four reviews of Schoolhouse, which seems to be establishing itself as the most full featured of student assignment planners for the Mac. Read a review at the Apple Blog.

Speaking of sharing videos, educators might want to check out TeacherTube. As the name suggests it is a YouTube for teachers. Currently most of the video is focused towards K-12, but perhaps this will change. (Although ultimately I am not sure why one wouldn’t want to just use YouTube?)

A new version of Zotero is available, and as Academic Productivity points out, this version adds the ability to store .pdfs. (More on handling .pdfs later.)